Want to shape the future of local journalism in Muskegon? Now’s your chance.

Hi all!

As many of you know, I took a hiatus from the Muskegon Times in order to be the editor of the On The Ground Muskegon Lakeshore series, which I loved. Now that the series is wrapped up, I’m currently working on securing funding to get the Muskegon Times up and running.

In the meantime, I’d love to connect with you regarding story/website ideas, reporting/writing/photography opportunities, and more. You can email me at muskegontimes@gmail.com or call 616-843-0106.  To keep up with the Muskegon Times, visit us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me or the Muskegon Times, here’s some more info:

The Muskegon Times is a news website that aims to celebrate and empower Muskegon, Michigan and the surrounding area by providing regular content to a broad, demographically diverse audience. From millennial employees to retirees, stay-at-home parents to CEOs, the Muskegon Times will inform and engage the citizens of Muskegon through longform articles, news and feature series, profiles of community leaders, photography, Q&As, first-person essays, blogs, video, audio, and more.

Coverage will focus on a wide variety of topics, including: the arts, business, education, technology, the people and organizations that are empowering residents and the community, socioeconomic issues, housing, development, infrastructure, politics, government, entertainment, health, food and farming, and more.

Led by Anna Gustafson, a long-time and award-winning journalist who has headed digital and print publications across the country, the Muskegon Times will emphasize the importance of broadening the voices amplified in our local media by partnering with area schools and organizations to offer internships and other educational opportunities, as well as provide a variety of ways to engage residents beyond news, including forums on important topics in our city and reader get-togethers at local businesses.

I can’t wait to get this up and running and am so looking forward to writing about this incredible city of ours!


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