Muskegon Innovation Hub to select ‘Lakeshore Innovator of the Year;’ submit your nomination through Jan. 31

The Muskegon Innovation Hub

Muskegon is teeming with entrepreneurs and inventors making our city, and world, a better, more interesting place.

Now, our region’s innovators have the chance to be recognized by Grand Valley State University’s Muskegon Innovation Hubwhich is launching a new award program that will recognize and celebrate the most groundbreaking ideas on the Lakeshore.

Nominations for the Hub’s new “Lakeshore Innovator of the Year” award open today and can be submitted through Jan. 31 at 5pm. To nominate someone, visit the Hub’s website here.

“The Muskegon Innovation Hub is a place that helps businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their potential, so we want to highlight efforts to innovate across all kinds of businesses and organizations,” Muskegon Innovation Hub Director Kevin Ricco said in a press release.

The award will recognize the most outstanding innovative idea, and can be given to an individual or a team of people from any business, nonprofit, organization, or association in the Lakeshore area. 

Innovations that are eligible can include: creative new devices, ideas, inventions, processes, product enhancements, or solutions to problems.

Finalists for the award will be announced in February, and the winner will be selected at an event honoring all of the finalists on March 14. 

The Muskegon Innovation Hub team: [clockwise from bottom left]: Thomas Hopper, Rose Bennett, Tom Hull, Allison Dile, and Kevin Ricco.
This new award program comes at a time when Muskegon is increasingly drawing startups and entrepreneurs to the area. In addition to affordable office space, Muskegon’s growing support for entrepreneurs is routinely cited as a draw for those who want to set up shop in the region.

Organizations throughout Muskegon are doing everything from offering mentoring and co-working space to providing funding for business owners facing barriers to accessing traditional bank loans. Creativity is being born in places like the Muskegon Innovation Hub, the Muskegon Inventors Network, and Muskegon Community College’s Lakeshore Fab Lab, among others.

At the Muskegon Innovation Hub alone, the region’s entrepreneurs have found business incubation (essentially working with owners to transform their business from the idea stage to a successful company), coworking spacefunding assistance, and business programming.

All of this is to say: innovation and entrepreneurship is driving much of the growth our city is experiencing. And now’s your chance to make sure the most innovative person, business or group you know is celebrated for their work in reshaping our lives.

Photos courtesy of the Muskegon Innovation Hub.

One thought on “Muskegon Innovation Hub to select ‘Lakeshore Innovator of the Year;’ submit your nomination through Jan. 31

  • January 4, 2019 at 8:39 am

    Muskegon Innovation Hub… what a great idea. I miss my hometown. I grew up in Muskegon Heights, Muskegon and Norton Shores. We visit regularly and it was heartbreaking to see the conditions in Muskegon Heights. The roads that I rode my bike on as a young girl now without pavement. Dilapidated houses… such a sad place. Hopefully this will make the difference that Muskegon needs. Kudos to the staff and supporters!


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