Muskegon Farmers Market to host Drive Electric Earth Day & Earth Fair Expo this Saturday, April 27

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Ever wonder what all the buzz is about with electric cars? Well, here is your chance to meet some owners and maybe even take a ride in one. Saturday, April 27 is the Drive Electric Earth Day event at the Muskegon Farmers Market, located at 242 W. Western Ave. The event, which is part of the Muskegon Area Earth Week’s 7th annual Earth Fair Expo, will be held from 10am until 2pm.

Run by local plug-in vehicle drivers and enthusiasts and organized by “Muskegon EV Guy” Karl Bloss [check out more of his work by clicking here], Drive Electric Earth Day 2019 is an opportunity to highlight clean energy by including electric vehicles in our community’s Earth Day celebration. Bloss is expecting a great turnout with several different brands and models of cars registered to be at the event, including the Tesla Model 3 and S.

The goal of the event is to educate the public about electric vehicles by providing an event where people can talk to actual owners rather than sales people at dealerships, Bloss says. This gives someone interested the chance to ask questions and get honest answers about what it is like to drive and own an electric vehicle.

In addition to a booth with information, people will be encouraged to look, sit and speak with owners about their experiences. Bloss says that the group of owners has over 150,000 electric miles collectively. There will be a variety at this event, including e-bikes, plug-in hybrids and all electric Teslas.

Plus, while you’re at the Farmers Market, you can check out the rest of the 7th annual Earth Fair Expo this Saturday, during which local exhibitors will feature eco-friendly and sustainable products and services–including boats, bees, and a whole host of other displays and activities.

The event is free and open to the public.

Story by Zach Nordhof, a writer and journalist based in Muskegon. You can reach Zach by emailing Photos courtesy of Karl Bloss.

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