Muskrat Frank is bringing the ‘best progressive block party ever’ to Muskegon this Tuesday, Aug. 27

Raphael Gort designed Muskegon Muskrat Day’s logo. Image courtesy of Dana Precious.

Prepare to raise your glasses, Muskegon: Muskrat Frank is about to arrive, and this taxidermied fella—think of him as an edgier Punxsutawney Phil—is bringing quite the party with him.

The inaugural Muskegon Muskrat Day will kick off at 5pm on Tuesday, Aug. 27 outside BoomTown Market (351 W. Western Ave.), and the rodent-stravaganza will include Mayor Stephen Gawron holding a taxidermied muskrat to determine whether we get eight more weeks of summer, a crowd sporting attire that’s part-Victorian/steampunk, part modern-day summer, and a growing roster of muskrat-inspired libations. 

“Muskegon Muskrat Day is turning into the best progressive block party ever,” Muskegon Muskrat Day organizer and BoomTown Market owner Dana Precious said. “Bars and restaurants all up and down Western Avenue have created special muskrat-themed drinks and food.”

Here’s what we know so far about who’s participating in Tuesday’s muskrat revelry and what they’ll be offering (this list is expected to grow, so we’ll likely be updating this):

  • BoomTown Market (351 W. Western Ave.): This is where the festivities will kick off with a ceremony that should begin just after 5pm on Tuesday, Aug. 27.
  • 18th Amendment (350 W. Western Ave.): The Blue Muskrat (a cocktail featuring gin, blueberries and more)
  • Unruly Brewing (360 W. Western Ave.): Fierce Frank craft beer
  • Pigeon Hill Brewing Company (500 W. Western Ave.): Longer Days (An IPA they said we should drink with the hope that the muskrat sees his shadow and we get eight more weeks of longer summer days.)
  • Smash Wine Bar & Bistro (415 W. Western Ave.): Muskrat Mule (a cocktail featuring ginger beer, New Amsterdam raspberry vodka, and Long Road Distillers raspberry liqueur)
  • Topshelf (500 W. Western Ave.): The Muskrat Mule (Jameson, peach schnapps, lime juice, and ginger beer)
Mayor Stephen Gawron will hold a taxidermied muskrat to determine whether it sees its shadow during Tuesday’s ceremony.

“I encourage everyone to party hop responsibly up and down the street and have a blowout send-off to summer,” Precious said.

For those planning on raising a glass to Muskrat Frank, Precious asked that you don your best Victorian and steampunk costumes—a nod to the city of Muskegon’s 150th anniversary—combined with some modern-day summer attire. Think: Charles Hackley top hats and floaties.

And if you want to really get in good with Muskrat Frank, you can buy Muskegon Muskrat Day T-shirts at BoomTown and take a photo with Muskrat Frank and Muskrat Molly (who came into existence after some kind folks from Wisconsin sent another taxidermied muskrat to Precious last week). T-shirts will be for sale, but the photos will be free.

The inaugural Muskegon Muskrat Day will be held Tuesday, August 27 at 5pm outside BoomTown Market in downtown Muskegon. For more information, click here.

Story by Anna Gustafson, the publisher and editor of Muskegon Times. You can connect with her by emailing or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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